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Whether you’re in your 30s and 40s and have lost your spark and just don’t feel yourself.

Or you want to rewrite the period story for the next generation with my school, pre-teen and teen workshops.

there's simple solutions when

Dark moods visit too often

Bloating and digestive issues happen most days

Your periods are getting worse and you have no idea why

"Working with Tara was a before and after in my life. I now have the skills I need to take care of my health both physically and emotionally in a way that improves every aspect of my life."

Karla Alvarado, Graphic Designer, Mexico


you are not broken
or crazy

When you learn to work with your hormones you feel ready to change the world! Stop being down on yourself for feeling rubbish each month. Understanding your cycle can solve everything.  

There are many ways you can work with me

Whether you need private 1:1 session, are interested in attending one of my Red Tent Events, or are ready to jump into a course, I’m here to help you understand your cycle!



Red tent circles

Red tent circles

1 - 1 Coaching

MEET TARA GHOSH - period educator & abdominal therapist

I teach you how to use your hormones to your advantage

I have been where you are. Wanting to improve my health but overwhelmed by which direction to take.

I share with you the secrets I learnt during my journey to fix my missing period and from studying with the leading women’s health experts. My ten years living in Asia has influenced my  science based approach to wellness which is both holistic and totally practically.

I will hold your hand as you discover the power of your menstrual cycle and the simple habits which will rocket your energy and mood to new highs!


"Every woman needs to learn what Tara teaches! I wish I had known this information when I was younger. I now understand myself better - my body, my health, and what I truly need."

Melissa Nathan, Reiki Master, Singapore

I can’t wait to answer your questions

so you can finally live your life to the fullest! Drop me an email at hello@taraghosh.com anytime and it would be my pleasure to help


Abdominal Therapy is a body treatment which focuses on our digestive and reproductive health. Its origins are from the Mayan culture from Central America and were created by Dr. Rosita Arvigo. One of the best parts of my online sessions with clients is that I teach you the abdominal massage so you can enjoy its benefits at home every day. Seriously, it’s a treatment that keeps on giving!

Our periods are way more than just making babies! The hormones we produce during our menstrual cycle are ESSENTIAL for our whole body to be well. I’m talking brain, heart and bone health, all the biggies! We need our period. Also, we can consider it our monthly report card. When our period or moods go crazy, it is a sign that there is something out of balance in our health and we need to fix it.
My work complements all the great stuff your doctor helps you with. For most people, a visit to the doctor is often rushed and a bit stressful. You only have a brief chat before a prescription is offered and you’re out the door. A session with me is quite different. We will dig deep into your full health history and how your diet and lifestyle could be impacting your period and mood. I will ensure that my suggestions fit easily into your busy life. I also follow up with you twice after our session to see how you’re getting on.
Short answer = definitely not true! There is soooo much that can be done for both bad periods and PMS. Many women feel their body is against them or broken. Our society has sadly normalised and at times trivialized this monthly suffering: “What’s up, are you on your period?”. Grrrrrr! Have hope though. My clients have huge success. Their bad periods and PMS vanish. It completely changes their lives.

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