The Magic of Abdominal Therapy

A 1-hour nourishing online workshop where you’ll discover the power of Arvigo® Therapy and walk away with the tools and simple habits to really transform your health.

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Does this sound familiar?

Phewwww. It’s exhausting! But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. Because there IS an easier way.

Are you ready to

reconnect with your body?

What is Arvigo® Therapy?

It’s a BEAUTIFUL body treatment which provides massage over the abdomen, back, and hips, with dietary and lifestyle guidance to support your digestive and reproductive health.

An ancient healing practice with its origins coming from the Mayan culture in Central America, the best part of my work is being able to teach you the Arvigo® self-care massage so you can enjoy its benefits at home, every. single. day! Seriously, it’s a treatment that just keeps on giving!

Is this for me?

Listen, life is bloody busy, and sometimes we don’t even have time to think about self-care, let alone do it. Which is why I loveee abdominal therapy.

We all know healthy habits are hard to stick to. Often impossible. You implement something new and within a few weeks you’ve already fallen off the wagon. Why? Because life gets busy and we forget. What makes healthy habits more likely to stick is if they’re:


welcome to Arvigo® Therapy!

I’m a real junkie for good stuff like massage and reflexology

They are amazzzzing, but they’re pretty much dictated by how much time and money you have - and where you live.

My mission is to EMPOWER you with the tools to support your own health so you can look after yourself anytime and anywhere. Forever.

I suffered with terrible period pains due to fibroids and learning the massage with Tara has really helped.

Nuala McGovern, TV/Radio presenter

Tara’s workshops are phenomenal. I refer pretty much every single client to her, and they come back to me raving about it! They all find the massage an effective tool for managing constipation and bloating, as well as pelvic pain. Tara’s wonderfully kind and caring approach makes these sessions feel uplifting and like a big dose of TLC. I highly recommend this workshop for endo sufferers.

Jessica Duffin, Certified Women’s Health Coach and Founder of This EndoLife

Wow, I can’t believe how this simple massage has improved my bloating and tummy issues.

Kristen, Norway

Tara has the amazing capacity to make everyone in the room she teaches in feel safe and at ease. She is highly skilled in explaining our physiology and decodes the abdominal massage techniques to her audience in a fun and accessible way. I would recommend anyone to learn from Tara!


What to expect:

In this 1-hour online workshop we’ll discover the limitless healing power of Arvigo® Therapy before diving into the physical practice and learning how you can start building this into your daily self-care routine.

I’m all about the simple stuff, so what you’ll learn will be super easy to implement. I combine lifestyle advice alongside the abdominal therapy - with handy tips on tackling bloating and constipation.

You’ll come away…


I'm Tara

And I’m here to help you reconnect to your body and solve your digestive and period issues.

You see, I’ve been where you are. I’ve been battling SIBO and digestive issues since 2017. I’ve tried a shed load of things to help and I know how it is to dislike your tummy and all the grief it gives you.

And whilst I’d always had a healthy relationship with my periods, after my youngest was born, my menstrual cycle didn’t return for almost 2 years.


Because I was quite unhappy. Worn out with 2 small kids in a new country and no support network, I felt completely lost. But that’s when Arvigo® Therapy was recommended to me, and it quite simply changed my life.

I kid you not within a couple of weeks of that tummy rubbing loving session, my menstrual cycle returned! I trained as an Arvigo® Therapist in 2019 and now, Arvigo® massage has been a part of my self-care routine ever since.

I’m SO excited to share the secrets I’ve learnt during my journey and to support YOU to take back control of your reproductive and digestive health so you can live a happy, healthy life.

Sally Beaton

I attended Tara's 'The Magic of Abdominal Therapy' workshop and absolutely loved it. It was so interesting and very practical and Tara is such an engaging teacher that it was a joy from start to finish. If you get the chance to take this workshop, I would so recommend it!

Sally Beaton, Women's Holistic Nutritionist and Coach

Deborah Kelly, Period Educator

Like many women, the abdominal area for me has been an area of pain (period pain) or shame (Mum tum). Spending a simple one hour with Tara learning abdominal therapy has given me a wonderful skill to support my physical and mental health. Tara is a wonderful teacher and provides us with her knowledge and warmth.

Deborah Kelly, Period Educator

Highly effective workshop! I loved how well organised it was with the short introduction first and then the practical part. Nothing excessive and very much on point but personal and intimate at the same time. A perfect workshop, really. Tara herself is so sweet and caring and really helpful!

Triin Reilson, Chef

I have been part of one of Tara’s Arvigo massage workshops, and what a gift it is. I have used it on myself and my teen and tween daughters at times of discomfort and we have all found relief. It’s a beautiful practice of daily self love and a time to listen to and check in on our bodies. Thank you Tara for this beautiful offering.

Milina Opsenica, Period Educator

What my students say

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So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in the magical healing power of Arvigo® Therapy,

I’d LOVE to have you join me!

frequently asked questions

There are many reasons for period pain – from underlying conditions like fibroids and endometriosis to overall inflammation in the body caused by diet and lifestyle. I am passionate about sharing the many, many simple things which can help period pain and abdominal therapy is definitely one of them. I make no promises that it will 100% stop your period pain but many clients have found it really has helped them.

Oh, I hear you. I never liked anyone touching or massaging my tummy. And now look at me! Honestly, it’s very different using your own hands to massage your tummy, than having a massage therapist you don’t know touch a very delicate part of your body. Perhaps before signing up, lie down and massage your tummy for a minute and see how it feels. If it feels quite nice, this workshop is for you!

Definitely. There are modifications to the massage I will suggest so you do not aggravate your diastasis recti (DR).

Yes, but we need to do the lower part of the massage super duper light so as not to disturb the IUD position. Don’t worry, I give plenty of reminders about this during the workshop.

Absolutely! Women and those AFAB who don’t currently have a period are warmly welcomed. Also, this workshop is for all genders, although please note there is a big proportion where we cover uterus alignment, pelvic prolapse and period pain.

I welcome all genders to this workshop! A heads up though that there’s a big chunk of the session where we discuss uterus alignment, pelvic prolapse and period pain.

Unfortunately, I’m not qualified to teach pregnancy massage but I’m very happy to connect you with my many brilliant abdominal therapy colleagues around the world if you’d like to learn it with them. You’re welcome to join the session anytime 6 weeks postpartum.

It’s best to wait at least 6 weeks post-surgery OR until you’ve had sign-off from your surgeon, whichever is later, before doing abdominal massage. I run my workshops a few times a year so perhaps join one of my future ones if the surgery was very recent.

I highly recommend everyone has a full Arvigo® Therapy session at least once in their lifetime. There is nothing better! As I don’t offer face to face consultations, you can connect with the Abdominal Therapy Collective to find a practitioner near  you. 

I’d love to answer your questions! You can email me at

An incredible workshop that taught me something new to help my tummy. I walked away feeling calm, grounded and empowered. Thank you Tara.

Becca, school teacher

I’ve been interested in trying Arvigo to try and ease digestion and peri menopause issues and my session with Tara was wonderful. She makes it so simple, it is now part of my morning routine, along with a guided meditation I start my day with the massage techniques she taught me and I can already feel a difference in my relationship with my body.

Shannon Murray, actor

Thank you for an informative workshop. I was curious to learn about Arvigo massage and will definitely be trying it out before my next period!

Le’Nise Brothers, author, registered nutritionist and yoga teacher

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