menstrual cycle

Can our menstrual cycle make us sick?

During the follicular phase of our cycle (which is from Day 1 of your period to ovulation) you have higher levels of antibodies and also rising oestrogen levels which together cause an increased inflammatory response in the body. The theory is that during this time your body wants to fight off all foreign invaders so that you can stay healthy enough to ovulate and then become pregnant. (Yes, even if pregnancy is the last thing on your mind, every cycle your body is preparing for it). 

Now after we ovulate our body produces progesterone which has anti-inflammatory properties and suppresses our immune system. The reason for this is to prevent immune cells from attacking a fertilised egg and stopping implantation. 

Aren’t our bodies amazing? 

Sooooo this could be one of the reasons you may catch that cold or cough in the week leading up to your period. Obviously boosting your immunity throughout your cycle can help avoid that. 

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