My 3 top tips to stay healthy during the festive season

The holidays are a common time to overindulge (another serving of dessert, anyone?) and being out of our normal routine can make us feel less energetic. So here are my favourite tips to stay healthy during the festivities.

  1. Eat slowly and fill your plate with 50% veggies! 

We ideally should chew each mouthful 15-20 times but let’s make this super easy and aim for at least 10 chews per mouthful. When we eat slower we have better absorption of nutrients and it can even reduce what we eat by up to a third as our hormone leptin, which tells us we’re full, has time to kick in. Now that’s reason alone to eat slower! And with each meal we need to aim to make our plate 50% veggies. That will give us the vitamins, fibre and energy we need to be healthy. (And by the way, for a fantastic dose of vitamins and immune boosting in the winter months, I adore The Turmeric Co shots and you can use the code TARA10 for a 10% discount). 

2. Take a walk everyday between 10-2pm 

Most people are Vitamin D deficient and this has a huge effect on our immunity, periods and fertility. Getting a daily dose of sunshine and being active while we do it, helps our moods and stabilises our blood sugar levels too. Walk with your family or on your own day dreaming or listening to a podcast. Making this a daily habit can transform your health.

3. Slow, deep breathes 

Time with our family over the holidays can be stressful, as can being away from our family at this time of year for those with travel restrictions. We need to find a way to manage our stress and find some inner calm. Taking ten slow, deep breathes is one of the quickest ways to activate your parasympathic nervous system allowing our body to rest, repair and digest. If you are feeling particularly overwhelmed, setting an hourly alarm on your phone to stop and take these slow deep breaths can really help.

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“PMS kind of switched me into a Mr Hyde every month and I was very upset about it - I felt I was fighting a losing battle of self-control. Now I have learned to be kinder to myself and I can handle PMS and perimenopause much better”.

Christel Ong, Massage Therapist, Singapore