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A 4-week live workshop series where you’ll discover how to track and harness your monthly cycle so you can improve your period problems and mood swings . . . and feel energised, healthier, and in control.

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A sneak peek at what’s inside Embrace Your Cyclical Power

Cyclical power deliverables
Video chat

Four weekly recorded lectures

where I’ll teach you all about the different phases of your cycle, share advice, and explain the simple changes you can make to support your health during each phase.

Video chat

Four 1-hour live group Q&A calls

so you can bring all your questions. If you can’t attend live, you can submit your questions to me before the call and catch my answers later on the call recording.


Weekly handouts packed full of info and resources

so you can delve deeper into each topic as we cover it. Think of these as your cycle cheat sheets. At the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll get an ultimate cheat sheet with all the weekly handouts bundled together for easy reference.

bathtub relax

Weekly self-care challenges

to encourage you to be kinder to yourself and take the time out you deserve regularly. These are designed to be easy to squeeze into your everyday life - before you know it, you’ll have formed a new self-care habit!

community website

A private community of like-minded women

where you can share your progress, advice and get extra support (from both me and your fellow workshop attendees). The community is a 100% safe space - what’s said inside the group stays inside the group!

lifetime access

Lifetime access

to all call recordings, transcripts, handouts, and resources so you can refer to the materials as often as you like!

. . . and lots more!

By the end of the 4 weeks you’ll be empowered to:

“I signed up for the course because I wasn't feeling myself. I was tired, irritable and unmotivated. This course gave me a foundation of how my body works, as a woman, which I was never taught. This understanding of my cycle as well as all the valuable information has helped me in so many aspects of my life. The course has given me so much more than I could have imagined! Each day I use at least one thing you have given me, most days it’s definitely more than one. This course has been completely life changing for me!”

— Nicola Verne, South Africa

“This course was way more than I had anticipated and to my surprise has significantly improved both my home life and professional life. I now finally understood what I should have known my whole life - what exactly our hormones are doing and more importantly the power that they give us at different times of the month. Now when I am in my ‘autumn’ and want to withdraw a little from the world I don’t think I’m going mad! Similarly in my ‘spring’ when I’m full of energy and ideas I also understand why I feel a little anxious and I can embrace it.”

— Sharon McManus, Engineer, Ireland

“This course gives you information and tools to fully understand your menstrual and overall health. The Q&A sessions were a wonderful safe space to share our own personal experiences and expand on the information shared in the course. I used to really look forward to them. I wish every woman had access to the knowledge shared by Tara. My feelings about this course summed up in three words are Informed, Empowered and Grateful. Thank you, Tara!”

— Kate Chaillat, France, Breastfeeding Counsellor

“I am much more aware and understanding of how my body and mind changes through my monthly cycle. Over the years I was always aware of how my feelings and thoughts changed but I now understand why our bodies are changing from week to week. Our hormones, state of health and mind all need to be cared for and require different care to keep it balanced. I have started to track my cycle, and I am prepared for the times when I won’t be at my best, and I now recognise that without feeling bad about myself. I am kinder to me. I wish I’d known this years ago for my younger self. I would recommend working with Tara to learn all about your cycle, it’s never too late or early.”

— Caroline McRury, Logistics Consultant, UK

Embrace Your Cyclical Power starts SUMMER 2024

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