Getting the sugar balance right

Do you like sweet stuff? You’ll have heard me say this before. I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule – 80% of the time eat all the greens etc, and 20% fully indulge in whatever you like with zero guilt. 

Every Lent I give up sweet stuff for 6 weeks. Not for religious purposes, but just for the rare opportunity in life where we need to hold ourselves back and are held accountable. 

Most cultures and religions around the world observe a yearly fast. In modern life, we are often lucky enough to eat or buy whatever we like. So having some forced restraint for a short while can be a good thing. 

So what are some good ways to balance the sugar avalanche we face during holidays and celebrations?

  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat some extra veggies
  • Sugar zaps us of Vitamin C so dose up on some Vitamin C 
“PMS kind of switched me into a Mr Hyde every month and I was very upset about it - I felt I was fighting a losing battle of self-control. Now I have learned to be kinder to myself and I can handle PMS and perimenopause much better”.

Christel Ong, Massage Therapist, Singapore