Has your period been a bit haywire during the pandemic?

Did you know that your period is your monthly report card? It reveals what is going on with your overall health. So if your period goes haywire, you body is trying to tell you something. 

And this month I got a huge reminder of this! My period arrived a whooping 6 days early and I had a stonking migraine for 48hrs. Although irregular periods and migraines are both common, they are DEFINITELY not normal and shows your body needs some urgent TLC! 

My period being out of sorts reflects how I’ve not looked after myself as well as I should have over the last 2 months (well, truth be told, perhaps the last 18 months ago since we moved countries). Yes, yes I know it’s very disappointing to hear that from someone working in wellness but we are all imperfect humans! 

My crazy period has prompted me to prioritise these things:

  • My sleep – no more staying up late to finish that one last thing
  • Eating slower and more mindfully – often in the rush to finish work I wolf down my meals without slowing down and being fully present while I eat 
  • Drinking more water – even in the winter in the UK we need to stay hydrated
  • Breath techniques – I’ve set an hourly alarm to remind myself to take ten. slow. deep. breathes. Ahhhhhh. 

I’m had sooo many clients reach out to me since 2020 saying their periods are more irregular, more painful and they’ve had worse moods and PMS, as well as generally feeling tired and overwhelmed. 

We think if we eat the right stuff, do some exercise, we will be ok. But actually our thoughts and emotions directly impact how our body functions. In times of stress the first thing to shut down is our reproductive system so our body can use all the energy we have for our vital organs. Stating the bloody obvious, the last year during the pandemic has been stressful! So no wonder our periods and moods can be off kilter as a result. 

Tracking how we feel during our cycle can help us be kinder to ourselves and that’s properly the most important advice I’d like to offer – be kind to yourself. Remember, we are all a work in progress! 

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