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Students Y5 to Y12

Research based, age relevant workshops going above and beyond PSHE curriculum, ideal for Wellbeing Week


Group workshops so parents can support their child with improved mental wellbeing and body confidence

Teachers & Staff

Empowering menstrual health education promotes employee wellbeing and happiness so they can thrive in every aspect of their life

We were lucky enough to have Tara come in and speak to our students in years 7 - 10. Her workshops on period education are fantastic. Tara is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. She held the attention of over 80 students at a time. Each member of staff who was lucky enough to attend the workshops commented on Tara's lovely manner with young people. Students immediately felt comfortable with Tara and several students stayed on into their break times to seek her advice or support with a range of period-related queries. I would highly recommend Tara and her workshops to other schools, parents and young people. In fact I would recommend her to women everywhere.

Charlie Seyfert, Treviglas Academy

The positive effects

of period educating your students

Nearly two million girls (64%) aged 14-21 in the UK have missed a part day or full day of school because of their period, with 13% of girls missing an entire school day at least once a month¹. Lack of proper education around periods is one of the main reasons.

People with periods are cyclical meaning that their moods, energy and hunger (to name just a few things!) change almost weekly due to the natural changes in our hormones. When we know this we can understand our bodies’ needs better, foster self-compassion and protect our mental health.

Our period is our 5th vital sign² and when we encounter challenges with our periods or have difficult mood issues it could indicate that there is an underlying issue which needs more support. For example, a recent study suggested that up to 60% of teenagers who have pelvic pain may actually have endometriosis³ which requires treatment and management.

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