Spotting – is it normal?

Spotting before your period is very common and, depending on how long it lasts, pretty normal. Also, spotting around ovulation for a day 

The first day you need to use period products is considered Day 1 of your menstrual cycle and it’s totally normal to spot 1-2 days before your period full arrives. 

Also, spotting around ovulation for 1-2 days is totally fine

However, spotting 3 days or more before your period fully arrives, is, sadly, not ok. The most common cause of spotting is progesterone dropping too quickly or was never high enough to begin with. What causes this low progesterone? Mostly it’s stress related or thyroid issues. 

Other reasons for spotting before or in between periods are: 

  •     Infection – bacteria, virus or STI
  •     Uterine condition like fibroids, endometriosis,  adenomyosis
  •     Hormonal birth control can cause spotting
  •     Endometrial cancer

So if you don’t see any improvement in spotting after making changes to your diet/lifestyle or it gets worse at anytime, do make sure you see your doctor and get that investigated. 

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