Spotting in the middle of your cycle?

Many people experience spotting in the middle of their menstrual cycle and have no idea whether it’s normal or not. 

I’m glad to share that it is totally normal to spot 1 or 2 days around ovulation. Ovulation spotting will look like egg white type cervical fluid with some pink, red or brownish blood in it. 

There can be a couple of reasons for this. On the day of ovulation when the follicle ruptures releasing the egg into the fallopian tube a small amount of blood can be created. Or, the spotting may be triggered by the drop in oestrogen right before ovulation, which causes a bit of the uterine lining to detach and release. Once progesterone kicks in, the spotting should stop.

However, if your mid-cycle spotting is more than 2 days, there may be underlying issues which need investigating so don’t just put up with it in silence! 

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