The link between your gut health and Covid-19

Gut health has been a buzz word for a while now and most recently with its link to COVID-19. So I wanted to share some recent studies AND importantly some easy steps you can start doing TODAY for you and your family!

Recently interesting studies found:

As times passes, we are learning more about COVID-19 and how we can best deal with the virus. These studies give us hope. They show there are steps we can take to improve our chances of avoiding COVID-19 and future viruses, reducing its severity and recovering quickly.

So let’s start at the beginning. What suggests your gut health needs TLC? Well, if you experience these symptoms at least once a week or have this history then, yup, your gut health needs some love:

  • Heartburn or acid reflux
  • IBS, constipation or diarrhoea
  • Bloating or gas (burping/farts)
  • Not having one easy, poop every day
  • Food sensitivities
  • History of antibiotic use
  • Long use of hormonal birth control

Who has their hand up for some of these? I’ll confess that my gut health is far from perfect. I continue to work on it and learn what works for my body.

Through my own SIBO and health journey I’ve learnt a huge amount from Functional Medicine Nutritionist Karin Reiter and I’m super excited that she is a guest expert on gut health on my 6-week course Embrace Your Cyclical Power.

As well as waitlisting for Embrace Your Cyclical Power, what other simple steps can you take to support your gut health straight away?

  • Make sure every meal is 50% veggies + eat the rainbow – the American Gut Project showed the more diverse the range of vegetables you eat, the healthier your gut microbiome
  • Add fermented food to your meals – start slowly with half a teaspoon as day and work your way up to 1 tablespoon with every meal. BUT please note: people with SIBO or histamine issues may not be able to tolerate fermented food so listen to your body!
  • Eat slowly – our digestion is a team effort which starts in the mouth. When we chew slowly it helps prepare our stomach acid and our pancreas to release insulin, so sloooooowing down when you eat helps your gut health immensely
  • Check out The Gut Solution 8 part docu-series which runs for free for a limited time. It is fascinating!

I know topics like gut health can seem daunting so remember to be gentle with yourself and take things at your own pace. If you’d like company while navigating your gut and hormonal health, you’ll love Embrace Your Cyclical Power where you are be part of an awesome group cheering each other on for 6-weeks.  

“PMS kind of switched me into a Mr Hyde every month and I was very upset about it - I felt I was fighting a losing battle of self-control. Now I have learned to be kinder to myself and I can handle PMS and perimenopause much better”.

Christel Ong, Massage Therapist, Singapore