Tween Period Workshop

Modern and interactive workshop for tweens aged 9-12 and their parent/caregiver

only £47 per tween

It’s time to rewrite the period story…

Because your tween deserves to have the start you wish you had.

That difficult experience you struggled through during your tween and teenage years? It doesn’t have to be passed on.

We no longer have to ‘tip-toe’ around this topic, speak in hushed voices, and make sure the door’s shut when we talk about our menstrual cycle. Actually, in my workshop, I want us shouting about it from the rooftops!

Is this something you’d love for your tween?

If you’re ready to:

This workshop is about to

Transform your tween’s life for the better!

We weren’t all told this, but we are CYCLICAL.

Without understanding this part of ourselves, we only know half of what we need to know. And that’s simply not enough.

We spend our time wondering why we feel different each week, why our energies fluctuate, and why we can’t always be in ‘go, go’ go’ mode! We think we’re broken. But that’s not the case. We’re simply cyclical.

The good news?

We’re not supposed to be the same person every day. Instead of looking outside of ourselves to validate our mood swings and to feel ‘normal’ (what does that even mean?!), all the answers we need lie right inside of us.

And that’s exactly what I’m about to teach your tween!

In this workshop we'll cover...

During a 90-minute online session for the parent/caregiver:

During our fun, interactive workshops for tweens where we’ll cover:

PLUS your tween will also get access to an exclusive goodie bag filled with stickers, a journal and pen, treats, and period product samples they can keep in their school bag!

By the end of this workshop your tween will:


Walk away with a fun, shared learning experience that enables them to use that knowledge and power as they navigate the tricky teenage years - and the rest of their lives


Feel more at ease chatting to you about their fears, thoughts, and feelings around their changing body and range of emotions


Understand what is happening with their body and feel confident and prepared when they get their periods WITHOUT the glowing red face of embarrassment.

It’s time to break down the taboo and learn about our cycles and how it really works FOR us!

Who am I and why am I running this workshop?

Hi, I’m Tara. Arvigo® therapist and period wellness expert, empowering adults, teens, and tweens to take back their power of their menstrual cycles.

Me and all my clients: “Oh, I wish I had known this when I was younger!”

Do you remember when you got your first period?

I bet you remember exactly where you were and how you felt when you first saw the blood. You might have felt surprise or excitement, but for a lot of us it may have been more like fear or embarrassment. One thing’s for sure, most people with periods wish they’d been better prepared or KNEW more ahead of their period making its first appearance (I know I do!)

You see, I only learnt that we are cyclical in my late 30’s!

We have this inner rhythm we can use to our advantage - it’s our SUPERPOWER. But that’s not how it felt for me (and I’m sure, a lot of us) when I was growing up. Nope, we feel we are broken or crazy for not being the same person every. single. day.

But understanding yourself and your cycle from the start can change EVERYTHING. I feel this is the missing piece in women’s mental health. And that’s why I’m so excited to teach your tweens about their periods,to understand how their bodies work, and to feel empowered by this part of them!

“Tara’s tween workshop provided Millie and I with an invaluable insight into body changes and periods.

Tara made the workshop super fun and interactive, equipping Millie and I with a fantastic level of knowledge and confidence to embrace what to expect in the near future. I feel incredibly grateful that we have experienced this workshop, sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings all helps us to become much more empowered. Any parent with a tween this course is highly recommended”

- Rachel and Millie

“There was lots of laughter and fun during the 4 online tween sessions

Tara made the sessions very interactive and the amount of information these girls have on periods is so much more than I ever knew. My 9-year-old is really well informed and prepared for this next phase of her life. Plus, she loved the goodie bag we received. The caregiver's session was fab - I now feel confident in guiding my daughter through puberty and in my own journey through perimenopause. It was great to learn the tummy massage which I've shared with my daughter and all about the great sustainable period products that are now available for both her and myself. This is truly a brilliant workshop and I highly recommend this to all tweens and their families.

- Kirti and Aaleya

It doesn’t have to be the same way anymore.

Periods no longer have to be this gross, embarrassing thing we feel ‘icky’ even talking about. We get to inspire our tweens to think differently, talk positively, and appreciate this part of them that is themselves so they can be better equipped for the rest of their lives!

Are you ready to start this positive period journey?


I’ll be honest, many kids are not keen to attend these workshops when they hear about them, and are gently encouraged (bribed?) by their parents/caregivers to attend! Here are a few ideas that may help persuade them. Perhaps end the workshop with a special treat like an activity they enjoy or their favourite meal. Get a friend of theirs to do the workshop too or if you have a friendship group in mind you can book a private workshop for them. Lastly, this is not a cringey class, like at school. The workshop is fun and interactive (we create models, crafts and do colouring in) and there are plenty of laughs.

Absolutely! The workshop will fill in any gaps in their knowledge about their period that they may not know yet. If they are struggling with their period, they will learn ways to support themselves every month and ease any worries they have. Also, they definitely don’t need to share with me or the group whether they have started

It was great news when menstrual health education was added to the curriculum here in the UK in 2020. However, teachers have very limited time and resources to cover everything in depth. Sadly the teachers don’t cover that people with periods are cyclical (and so it’s normal to have different emotions and energy through their cycle) and what causes common period problems and the easy steps to solve them. Often school teachers only have one 40-min session with a large classroom of kids. Whereas these workshops are for 6-8 kids over 4 hours!

Definitely! Whether it is an in-person or online workshop you are welcome to stay for as long as you like so your tween feels comfortable.

I totally understand why you’d think the price is high for a kid’s workshop. You’re actually investing in a life-skill for you and your tween. The Arvigo self-care massage can ease period pain and digestive issues, whatever your age. Your tween learning how to track their cycle will give them a skill to understand themselves and plan their schedule better, throughout their life. Being confident to use washable period products saves money each year in disposables. 

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