healthy period

What does a normal, healthy period look like?

This is the period 101 info that we ALL should have been taught as kids and reminded of several times through our menstruating life. 

Here is the run down of what we would want to see during our main menstruating years of say our late teens to early 40s:

  • Your cycle should be 25-35 days long, it is ok for it to change by 2-3 days here and there
  • Your period should last 3-7 days. The first day of your period is the one when you have a proper flow and need to use menstrual products, spotting does not count as your period
  • During your period you should use around 6-10 pads or 10-20 tampons
  • Spotting 1-2 day before your period properly arrives is fine 
  • Period colour varies but we are ideally looking for a vibrant red colour
  • Small clots around 1cm are ok
  • Everyone’s flow is different, but we don’t want your period to start-stop-start

If your period is really short and light or oh so bloody heavy and long, or you spot for days and days, there are LOADS of really simple things you can do to ensure you have a healthy period. 

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