Abdominal massage arvigo therapy

What is this Abdominal Therapy malarkey?

Whenever I tell people I’m an Abdominal Therapist, their answer is always the same. Abdominal,  what? So I wanted to share with you a little about its origins and what my work involves so together we can spread the word!

Around the world cultures have used abdominal massage since time began and Abdominal Therapy has its roots in Mayan culture from Central America. It was created by Dr Rosita Arvigo who combined her training as a naprapathic doctor (similar to an osteopath), with the teachings of many traditional healers including Don Elijio Panti, a Mayan Healer. Don Elijio worked all his life healing with hands on techniques and herbal remedies and he gave Dr Arvigo express permission to share with the world what he taught her. There are now Abdominal Therapy practitioners throughout the world sharing these healing techniques with people.

So what does an Abdominal Therapy session with me look like? During a session I teach you the abdominal massage, how to track our menstrual cycle to understand our strengths and challenges through the month and share lifestyle changes that can improve our reproductive and digestive health. My clients range from teenagers with acne and painful periods, to endometriosis sufferers, perimenopausal women and those with unexplained digestive issues or pelvic pain.

Want better periods and digestion? You can join one of my Magic of Abdominal Therapy workshops to learn how to do the abdominal massage in the comfort of your home. Find out more here

“I’ve been interested in trying Arvigo to ease my digestion and perimenopause issues and my session with Tara was wonderful. She makes it so simple, it is now part of my morning routine, and I can already feel a difference in my relationship with my body”.

Shannon Murray, actor