Which supplements help your hormones?

One of the most common questions I’m asked is:

“Which supplements should I take to help my hormones?” 

Now, I am super cautious when answering this for a few reasons. The most important one is I am not a nutritionist and only when you work 1-1 with someone (like the brilliant Karin Reiter) would you get the right supplement prescribed for you and what your hormones need. 

Also, remember supplements are just that. Supplemental to all the other good stuff you need to do with your diet and lifestyle so that your hormones are happy. We cannot supplement ourselves out of lack of sleep, a stressful job, eating junk food etc. Let’s be honest, it would be soooo much easier if we could! 

Another thing is that the medicinal grade supplements that are actually going to be worth taking are usually pretty expensive. So we need to view supplements as an investment in our health. 

Lastly, even when we see a brilliant nutritionist and buy the right supplements, we often stumble at this crucial part – we need to bloody remember to take them AND re-order them when they run out. I know you know what I mean! 

So supplements are great, but they come with those provisos so that’s why when I focus on the simple diet and lifestyle tweaks that help our hormones. Like eating loads of veggies, prioritising sleep and having a daily practice to calm our nervous system. We need these foundations before we consider supplements. 

Top 7 supplements

That said, as sooooo many of you asked, I wanted to share my fav minerals and vitamins to support our reproductive health, which you can discuss with your nutritionist to make sure they are suitable for you: 

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